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Atos Healthcare PIP Frequently Asked Question suggestions

The Atos Healthcare website has all of the information you need about the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment process. That is the part of PIP that we manage in most parts of the Britain. As well as describing the process step-by-step in writing, with video and images, we have a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section. This section lists questions that you might have, organised by the stage in the assessment process that you might have them. The four sections are

What are FAQs?

The idea behind FAQs is that the information is very specific to the question being asked. This means that it can be easier to read and understand than if the information is part of a wider explanation. The questions that we currently have listed are ones that we know people have about the assessment process.

Is there a question missing? Suggest we include it

If there is a question that you think should be in there, let us know in the comment section below or through the website feedback section of the website. We will then consider it when we next update the website. If it is a question that you need to know the answer to now you are best to contact the customer service team directly. You can find out how to do this in the ‘Contact us’ section of the website.

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