Redesigning the Atos Healthcare PIP website

As you hopefully already know, we currently have a website ( that we use along with this blog and our YouTube channel. We use these to provide information to you about the assessment process part of Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

The website has been broadly the same since PIP started, which is over 2 years ago now. We have added in new information over this time, and updated anything that has changed, but we think it might be time for a bigger refresh.

How can you help?Website suggestions

We would like your help with this. Is there any information about the PIP assessment process that isn’t on the website now that you would like to be? Are there any features that you think the website should have?

Let us know through the comments box below or the website feedback mailbox.

What will happen next?

It might end up that we can’t implement everything that is asked for or give personal responses to each suggestion, but we will do another blog at a later date explaining what we have and haven’t done.

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