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Personal Independence Payment: A guide to each stage of the process

We realise that it might not be clear when you are claiming Personal Independence Payment (PIP) what Atos Healthcare’s role in the process is. To help with this we have created this image, which shows the different roles of both us and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) across the different stages of the claim process.


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You can also see a version of this image on our YouTube channel, along with a voice-over and captions.

We do PIP assessments for the DWP in certain areas of the country – Scotland, North England and South England including London. This diagram therefore reflects the process your claim will go through if you live in one of those areas.

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Launching the new Atos Healthcare YouTube channel

If you are claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP), you can go to the new Atos Healthcare YouTube channel to find informative video clips about the assessment process for each benefit.  We will be adding more clips as we go along, and you will also be able to find links to them via our website and this blog.


We want to make the information you need available in the format in which you need it.
Captions are available on all of our videos.  To turn them on, or change their colour or size, click the captions icon below the time bar of each video. This image is a screenshot of the information bar with the captions icon circled.

Atos-Healthcare-pip-YouTube-captionThe videos that you can see at the moment include an example of a PIP consultation and an explanation of the steps in the Work Capability Assessment process.

We hope you find the videos useful. Let us know if you have any feedback by posting a comment below.

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