Where will your Personal Independence Payment consultation take place?

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a new benefit designed to help towards some of the extra costs arising from living with a health condition or disability.  Most people who make a claim for PIP will be required to attend a face to face consultation with a qualified Health Professional (HP).   For the majority of people these will be conducted at one of our consultation centres. These centres are based in the local community, meet accessibility standards and have access to ground floor accommodation. 

Atos-Healthcare-pip-door-bellNevertheless, we fully understand that for some people a visit to a consultation centre may be difficult. In recognition of this we follow a set of guidelines to cover the circumstances where a home consultation will be appropriate. These include where a person’s diagnosis suggests significant disability that may make travel very difficult or it is evident that the claimant is unable to travel due to their health condition or impairment.

The HP will consider the information available from your ‘How your disability affects you’ form, and other relevant information that you included with it, to see if a home consultation is appropriate.  If it is, you will be advised of this and a suitable arrangement will be made to visit you. However, if you are invited to a consultation centre and you think that this will be too difficult for you, you should contact our Customer Service Centre. An HP will contact you to discuss your reasons for the request and tell you about the options available.  Each request is considered on a case by case basis.

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6 Responses to “Where will your Personal Independence Payment consultation take place?”

  1. Alex Feather says:

    As you dont have any centres ‘in the community’ of Kirklees, west yorkshire, population 400,000 is their any plans to rectify this?

    • Atos Healthcare says:

      Thanks for the question Alex. The consultation centres currently identified are a starting point for this stage and we will be constantly looking to develop the coverage with more sites as the volumes of claims increase. There aren’t any plans for there to be a centre in the Kirklees area in the short term.

  2. mrs c lockett says:

    i represent a desperately ill man who first applied in June. the stumbling block is atos insistence that he attend a centre 11 miles away from his home despite numerous calls and the fact he was hospitalized refused to give him a home visit, even when it was explained he would have to travel by ambulance. we were told they don’t have enough staff to give home visits.
    are there any plans to recruit more staff?
    why cant you make it easier for ill and infirm people to get assessed.
    how can the assessor see how a persons condition affects daily life if you don’t visit them at home?
    special rules to bypass the atos ‘face to face consultation’ only apply if the person is terminal to six months or less, but in my experience ataos takes so long to get moving a lot of people would literally die before they get any help at all.
    Also, I find that atos blame the dwp for imposing the ‘procedure, but after speaking to dwp they blame atos for dragging their feet and causing a backlog.
    typical buck passing.
    what do you say to this?

    • Atos Healthcare says:

      Dear Mrs Lockett

      Thanks for the questions. First and foremost we suggest that the person you represent urgently contacts our customer services if they think that their need for a home visited hasn’t been considered fully. The e-mail address is PIP-customerservice@atos.net.

      A home visit is given to anyone who would be unable to attend a consultation centre due to their disability or condition. In some circumstances a taxi may also be paid for to help someone get to a consultation centre if a home visit isn’t justified but travel to a consultation centre likely to be onerous for that individual.

      Currently all referrals to us from DWP are new claims for PIP and almost all of these will need a face to face consultation. However, if someone is terminally ill (Defined by DWP as probably having less than 6 months to live) we will not invite them to a face to face consultation and their report will be returned to DWP within 2 days.

      Whilst the DWP have designed the PIP descriptors and the testing approach, we take full responsibility for how we conduct the assessment and how we treat the claimants going through the process. We recognise that many claimants feel concerned about the claim process and we do our best to ensure that we treat everyone as an individual and with respect and dignity.

      I hope this helps answer your queries.

  3. Unknown says:

    When will a centre open in Kirklees? Why is there no assessment centre?

    • Atos Healthcare says:


      Thanks for the question. We don’t have any plans to open a centre in Kirklees at the moment. If we need to see someone face-to-face as part of their PIP assessment they will either be invited to one of our centres in the surrounding areas or, if they are unable to travel, we will visit them at home.


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