How to claim travel expenses for Personal Independence Payment consultations

When we require you to attend a consultation centre as part of a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim, Atos Healthcare will pay your travel expenses. We can reimburse the cost of travel from your current address to our consultation centre, and your return journey home.

How to claim

The receptionist at the consultation centre will give you a form to claim your travel expenses.

You should then fill it in and send it back to us in the envelope provided.

Atos-Healthcare-pip-man-travelling-by-busClaiming expenses for different kinds of transport:

Journeys to a PIP consultation by public transport

For journeys taken by public transport please include your tickets with your expenses claim form.

Journeys to a PIP consultation taken by private car

If you travel by car please make a note of the number of miles travelled and enter these on the claim form. We can help pay for the fuel covering your journey at a rate of 25 pence per mile, (this rate is defined by DWP, and may change).

If you have to pay for your parking, we will reimburse the full parking cost when you submit your parking receipt with your travel expense claim form.

Travelling to a PIP consultation by Taxi

Atos-Healthcare-pip-transport-and-travel-taxi-showing-illuminated-signIf you plan to travel to your PIP consultation in a taxi, we may be able to cover your taxi fare, however, this will require prior approval. Payment of taxi fares is likely to be approved if public transport is not available or you are unable to use it. If you intend to travel by taxi, please contact the Customer Service Centre who will tell you if your circumstances mean that payment of taxi fares can be approved. If you choose to travel by taxi without this approval, we may not be able to reimburse the fare.

Bringing a companion to your PIP consultation

You can claim for your travel expenses from your home to the consultation and back home again. If you are bringing a companion, we can also pay their travel expenses.

If you are claiming for your companion’s travel expenses, you will need to include details of their travel expenses and tickets on your own travel expense claim form. You should submit both sets of travel expense receipts when posting your travel expense claim form back to us. Please note that if you are travelling in a private vehicle you can only claim one set of expenses.

More information about bringing a companion to your PIP consultation can be found here.

How we will pay you your expenses

We will pay your expenses into a bank or building society account, or by cheque or giro. Please note that we are unable to pay any travel expenses in advance; nor are we able to pay travel expenses in cash, into a Post Office account, or into a building society account that has a roll number, rather than an account number.

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