The role of the Health Professional in PIP assessments

Health Professionals (HPs) are the people who undertake Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments. The reports they produce are sent to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Atos Healthcare HPs are experienced physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists and doctors who have been trained in the specialist field of disability assessment. They come from a variety of health backgrounds such as the NHS, and private practices, so they have experience working with people in all kinds of complex and challenging circumstances.

The PIP assessment is not a “medical” one in the traditional sense, because the Health Professionals will be looking at the impact of your disability or health condition on your daily life rather than diagnosing or treating the condition itself. The assessment our Health Professionals perform is in accordance with criteria set by the DWP.  It looks at somebody’s ability to carry out a number of key everyday activities. The assessment considers both physical and mental/cognitive challenges that are faced by claimants.
The Health Professional reviews information provided on your ‘How your disability affects you’ form and any other supporting evidence provided.  They decide whether a report can be produced based on the information provided, if more evidence is needed to complete a report without the need to see you, or if we need see you for a face-to-face consultation. Most people will be asked to see an HP in a face-to-face consultation and this will give you the opportunity to tell him or her how your health condition or disability affects your daily life in your own words. The HPs may also request further information from other professionals involved in your care. They will take account of all information gathered and send a report to the DWP.  A Decision Maker in the DWP will use the report, along with any other information provided, to decide upon your PIP entitlement and level.

More information on Health Professionals can be found on our website.

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