Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Health Professional training

Atos Healthcare, together with our healthcare partner organisations, has a large team of skilled Health Professionals (HP) in place to deliver Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments.   All of these HPs are fully qualified in their chosen discipline and all have at least two years post registration experience.  In addition to this they also undertake a comprehensive training programme, tailored to suit their professional background and experience, covering all aspects of the face-to-face PIP assessment. This includes comprehensive coverage of the PIP guidance, activities and descriptors provided by The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), as well as topics such as communication skills, both in general terms and for specific situations. Their training includes the causes of impairment, both physical and mental, providing a good grounding in disability analysis.  Moreover, they have access to the support of Health Professional Champions with specialist knowledge in specific areas, such as mental function.

The Health Professionals, following their training, are subject to supervised practice, quality assurance and audit prior to DWP approval.  In common with all HPs in the UK our staff will continue their learning and professional development over the months and years to come using a programme tailored to their role as disability analysts. Continuous Professional Development modules will be developed and agreed annually with the DWP and based on a robust training needs analysis.  This analysis will be informed by feedback from various sources including: the DWP; disability representative groups; and internal audits. A Health Professional’s quality and performance is also closely managed on an individual level, based on such things as positive and negative feedback raised by you, as well as quality audits.


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More information about Health Professional’s training can be found on our website.

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