Recording of Assessments – using personal equipment

Atos-Healthcare-image-of-cdThe Department for Work and Pensions does not routinely use recordings of assessments as part of the decision making process for benefit claims.  A small number of people do ask to have their assessment recorded and the DWP asked Atos Healthcare to try and accommodate requests for audio recording where a claimant makes a request in advance of their assessment.

In previous articles we have explained the process for requesting an audio recording of your face-to-face assessment.  Contact details can be found again at the end of this article.

When to use your own equipment

We are confident that most people will be able to make use of the equipment provided by Atos Healthcare/DWP to record an assessment.  However there may be some circumstances where a customer wishes to use their own equipment.

For example, the DWP states that we may only defer an appointment for up to four weeks from the date of requesting an audio recording.  If equipment is not available at the local assessment centre until beyond that time, a customer may use their own recording equipment, providing it meets the required standards and they have requested a specific appointment for the recording beforehand.

Required Standards for Recording Equipment

We use specialist recording equipment that provides a high quality dual recording in a CD format.  You are given a copy of the CD at the end of the assessment and a second copy is stored securely by Atos Healthcare.

If you wish to use your own equipment you must be able to provide a complete and identical copy of the recording to the healthcare professional at the end of the assessment.  It should be in CD or audio cassette format only.  Mobile phones are not suitable for this purpose.

How to request a Recorded Assessment

If you would like to request a recorded assessment, either for us to provide the equipment or if you intend to use your own, please contact us to make a request to Atos Healthcare on 0800 2888 777 ahead of your appointment date.

Unauthorised recordings

Atos Healthcare is happy to provide an audio recording of an assessment where customers make a request in advance of their assessment.  We will terminate the assessment if we become aware that Atos-Healthcare-image-of-cd-with-coveran unauthorised recording is taking place.

We believe our staff have the right to work in a safe environment. If any recording is used to intimidate staff or if their personal data is published on-line, this may put their safety at risk.  In these circumstances the DWP will be notified and Atos Healthcare reserves the right to take appropriate action.

Please remember, our healthcare professionals are carrying out Work Capability Assessments using standards and criteria that are laid out in government legislation.  Where a customer has a concern with the policy or design of the assessment rather than the person carrying it out we ask that this should not be targeted at our staff.

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