Work Capability Assessment: answering your questions

Following the recently aired TV programmes about ESA and the Work Capability Assessment, you may have new questions about the assessment process or want to seek reassurances about your assessment. We’re very aware that the assessments can be stressful and we believe it’s important your questions are answered properly.

Lots of information is already accessible on our website, including a new frequently asked question section which addresses practical issues around what to expect from different stages of the process  that we carry out .  However, if you have a query specific to your individual circumstances please email us at

Our WCA role

Our trained doctors, nurses and physiotherapists carry out thousands of assessments every month in accordance with the detailed guidelines set by the Department for Work for Pensions (DWP).  We also invest a great deal of time and resource in training and reviewing the work of our medical professionals to ensure that you feel you’re treated both professionally and sympathetically when going for your assessment.

Our part in Employment and Support Allowance

The assessment forms an important but single part of the information used by the DWP when it makes its decisions on benefits. However, we are the first to recognise that in a role as complex and challenging as this, it’s our day-to-day duty to look for ways to improve any aspect of our work.

For more information about Atos Healthcare’s role in ESA, please see the guidance we have provided on our partnership with the DWP section of our website.

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